Royal Canin Cat Jelly – Hair Ball Control 85 GM

500 Original price was: ₨500.440Current price is: ₨440.
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500 Original price was: ₨500.440Current price is: ₨440.

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Royal Canin Cat Hair Ball Control Jelly is formulated for the removal of excess hair or hairballs from cats’ stomachs. Since cats clean themselves all the time by licking, they tend to swallow their fur which gets stuck in their stomach and can later form hairballs. Royal Canin Hairball control Jelly helps remove this hair by easing the transit passage. It has a dietary fiber-heavy composition, improving digestibility while maintaining gut health. Jelly is made of animal, meat, and vegetable additives, in gravy, providing extra moisture. It contains the optimum amount of fatty acids to help maintain an ideal weight. Furthermore, the protein content helps in muscle development.

Feeding Guidelines: Portion size varies with weight when provided alone as a meal. Otherwise, a combination of Royal Canin Hairball Control Wet Food jelly and Royal Canin Hairball Control Dry Food can also be fed. For portion sizes, see the back of the pack.

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