pet toys for dog training

Pet parenting is a big responsibility where you provide your pet a good diet with behavior training. However, the training session is challenging for every owner as different animals respond and react differently. You cannot apply one law and rule to treat every pet, but a pet owner must have the patience to deal with every situation.

If we specifically talk about dog training, they behave differently; sometimes, they are happy with the food as the reward, but on the other hand, they never care about food or anything. It is most important to study the animal’s behavior and plan a training session to understand the pet’s psyche.

Dog owners often give their pets bones or other tasty treats, but pet toys also work as a training tool. Here, we must add the factor of anxiety because dogs and cats also behave weirdly and differently when they are dealing with anxiety. So, it is better to neglect the food and go with the other options of pet toys for dog training.

Today, we are going to discuss how to use pet toys for dog training and its important aspects. Let’s get started.

How to pick a pet toy for dog training?

A dog is playful and always ready to play with you. For indoor and outdoor activities, there are multiple types of toys that you can use to train and motivate your dog. Online pet stores in Pakistan offer pet toys suitable for all activities with your pet pooch. Although it’s not hard to find a toy for the pet, there are a few quintessential factors you must consider while purchasing anything.

Is it safe?

Safety is one of the major concerns of any pet parent. Please ensure the toy is made of high-quality material, as your canine will hold it via his mouth. Any harmful material can cause severe allergy and even injury.

Always buy new pet toys:

Chewing is the dog’s favorite activity, so they try to pick anything with their mouth whenever they find anything interesting. For such habitual dogs, new toys are a safer option because it will secure your pet from germs and other harmful objects. New toys always bring new energy, so start the training session with a new pet toy.

Dog’s preference:

When picking a pet toy, it is very important to consider the likeness of your canine and which toy he likes to play with. You can do a toy test if you have newly adopted a dog and don’t know much about its preferences. Here, you can use different toys as a tool to give better training. If the dog shows interest in any of his toy you can hide it somewhere to enhance his excitement. The repetitive activity or game can spoil the mood of your dog.

Resilience of the toy:

Reliability and durability are the two most important factors, as the dog will throw toys anywhere and with his full strength. So the toy should be strong enough to bear the throw and even solid bite of the pooch. Be sure to pick a hard-to-destroy yet safe toy made of durable materials like nylon and rubber.

Toy’s Size:

The size of the pet toy does matter because the bigger size of the toy ruins the game of your doggie. The smaller size of the toy also takes a risk of swallowing it by the dog, so it’s better to choose the toy according to the size of your pet. Avoid big toys for your tiny puppy.

Dog’s Age:

Online pet store in Lahore brings many options for your puppy & adult dogs. It is always recommended to select soft pet toys for puppies and for adult dogs, hard toys would be the best choice.

Dog’s Personality:

Some dogs have a habit of chewing anything, so here must suggest using Dog Muzzle Soft Silicon and providing ultimate safety. For such canines, avoid soft toys and squeaky pet toys that can make your pet anxious. Selecting the toy by keeping your pet’s personality is important because a wrong selection can change his behavior and spoil his mood.

Shortly, if you keep all the factors mentioned above in mind, it will help you marinate your relationship with your dog and give them better training.

How to use pet toys for dog training?

As a pet, dogs require a few training, including:

Chewing Training:

No one likes a cute puppy chewing his rugs, furniture, or anything else. You have to start his chewing training as he takes anything in his mouth. As a safe option, use a pet toy like Squeaky Chewing Bone Toy with an LED light that attracts the puppy while training. The bone shape gives a comfortable effect to the pet and is good for his jaw. He understands that it’s something he can chew for a long time.

Command training:

You can start with simple commands like Stay, sit, come, and down as these are some of the foundational commands. You can reward your dog with treats or toys when they obey a command correctly, encouraging them to repeat the behavior. If the dog loves any toy, you can use it as a tool to teach them manners.

Fetch Training:

Walking and exercising are essential activities for the dog. Even if you have a healthy or big dog, regular walking and play are needed for your furry friend. Playing fetch is the best way to activate your pet, and they also take an interest in running and holding things. The throw-and-chase gameplay of the fetch training excites the dog, and it’s a continued effort that will give multiple advantages like a fun playtime, strengthen the trust bond between the pet and his parent, and be good for the pet’s physical and mental health.

Try the Large Rope Ball Toy, which looks different from the common tennis ball or Wobble Wag. If your pet gets bored with the regular wobble wag, this interesting pet toy can boost the dog’s mood.

Self-Play Toy Training:

Give your pet some interesting toys and let them play; you can only give them a part day to play with them. Start with one toy and gradually increase the number because pets behave like humans. They get bored with the same toys and games, so shuffling the routine games and changing the toys is important.

The effect of Dog’s Training

Humans and dogs have had a strong bond since old times, and they serve as guard dogs, watchdogs, and even now as sniffers and police dogs. They play an ultimate role with full responsibility and prove that they can do any job with a particular training. You can get instant results with the guidance of an expert dog trainer, as they know how to deal with the canine’s behavior. After the well-training sessions, your pet will behave and react differently. Of course, the new change in pets has significant effects; let’s discuss them:

Training makes your dog’s life safe:

It’s a reality that you can’t stay with your pet dog all day long, especially when you are busy somewhere else and need to leave the dog at home for hours, a trained dog can stay safely. He knows how to behave alone, his potty training is done, and he can stay calmly on his couch. Moreover, the chewing training will keep him secure and help him avoid harmful objects or allergic foods.

Your house is safe:

A new pet doesn’t know how to live with humans. They run anywhere in the house, jumping on the couch and pooping around, but a trained dog will behave well. He knows where to go and sit, how to walk wearing a collar or leash, and what to eat, etc. Simply put, he learns his manners and acts like a good boy in front of the family and even in his absence. Your living will be secure and clean for sure.

Your dog will become friendly and social:

Dog Training ensures respect for personal boundaries and reacts mannerly during social activities like play dates, park visits, or walking in the evening. Every person will appreciate the well-behaved doggie.

It will help to strengthen the relationship between you and your dog:

During training sessions, not only does a dog learn things, but you are also learning many things. You spend more time with your pet and understand his needs, likeness, and dislikes. With the passage of time, both of you are comfortable setting boundaries and successfully maintaining a healthy relationship with each other.

Dog Training Mistakes to Avoid

Training a dog can be a satisfying experience. Still, it’s important to avoid common mistakes to ensure the process is effective and positive for you and your furry friend. To understand it better, here are some key mistakes to avoid:

1.     Inconsistency:

You can consider it as one of the biggest mistakes during the dog training session. It is the nature of the dog that he thrives on routine and has clear expectations. Your laziness or delay can ruin the whole exercise, and your dog will become confused and may respond differently than you’d like. The only key is consistency and regular training.

2.     Missing basic training:

No matter the age and size of your dog, start his training from the basics. Your dog must know to follow your commands and act accordingly.

3.     Punishment:

Dogs are very adorable and loyal creatures. If you handle them with care and love, they will respond similarly. Do not give any punishment in case of any bad behavior; focus on positive reinforcement and encourage the dog to behave well.

4.     Ignore Your Dog’s Needs:

Every dog is unique, and it’s important to understand your dog’s breed, temperament, and individual needs. For example, some dogs may require more exercise or mental stimulation than others.

5.     Expecting Too Much Too Soon:

Training takes time and patience. Setting realistic expectations and waiting for your dog to learn everything overnight is important. Stay consistent and have the patience to get successful training results.

By avoiding these common mistakes and focusing on positive reinforcement and consistency, you can help your dog become a well-behaved and happy companion.

Lastly, we suggest you to buy pet toys from an authentic online pet store in Pakistan like Epets.pk, and get exotic toys for your cats and dogs. Check the latest collection of high-quality food, pet accessories, homes, collars, attires, and carriers, you will get everything under a roof.


Dogs are considered human best companions; if they are trained well, both the pet parent and their pet could form a strong bond. Different pet training is required, and pet toys play an important role. With the help of a toy, you can make behavior and other training sessions interesting for the pet. There are some dos and don’ts that you must consider while teaching the dog.

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